Tissue Culture Papaya

Tissue Culture Papaya plants: DAWN DELIGHT

  • First commercially micropropagated papaya in India / globally
  • Exclusively tissue culture propagated unisex female papaya
  • Relatively short plants suitable for high density orchards
  • Fruits weigh about 1 Kg with attractive orange skin color, red pulp & TSS 12-14°B
  • Plants come to flowering in 4-6 months; first harvest 4 months after flowering (8-10 months from field planting)
  • Generally parthenocarpic seedless fruits in pure crop of TC plants; Seeds possible with nearby pollen sources
  • Fruits show excellent keeping quality, slow ripening in about 5-7 days after harvesting
  • Ripe fruits suitable for short-term refrigeration with extended shelf life
  • Yield: About 20-40 kg (av. 1 kg/ fruit) during 1st year and 60-80 Kg or more during 2nd year
  • Life span: 2- 4 years; Economic life for orchards: 2 years
  • Plants show field tolerance to major viral diseases of papaya in case of latent infection
  • TC plants are supplied in company labelled polybags for authenticity