PASSION FRUIT [Krishna phal]

PASSION FRUIT [Krishna phal]

Passion fruit (PF) is a high-value exotic berry originated in S. America, not so common in Indian retail market. In metros, it is usually available at select stores and online at Rs. 300-600/ Kg depending on location and season. Cultivation is mostly confined to the north-eastern states and the high-ranges of Kerala, Karnataka & TN where fruits are better affordable.

PF is an excellent source of Vit A & C. The seedy pulp is rich in protein, healthy fat, minerals & fibre, and is also considered highly medicinal. With low glycemic index, it’s rich in antioxidants and fibre; It’s known to reduce BP and diabetes, and improve immunity and heart health. Seeds are rich in piceatannol with known anticarcinogenic properties.

PF is cherished for the unique sweet-acidic pulp, and the versatility of PF-based processed products. Fresh fruit with a bit of sugar, a pinch of salt & a few drops of fresh lime or red chilli powder is really yummy! PF concentrate & squash are available in the market/ online, that make amazing / mood-boosting drinks.

PF (Passiflora edulis) includes yellow, golden and purple skin types with yellow/ orange pulp. It’s different from red coloured P. ligularis (sweet granadilla) with creamish sweet/ non-acidic pulp, which is suitable for table purpose and more adapted to cooler climate.

At Thomas Biotech, Bangalore, we supply seedlings & micropropagated plants of a purple selection. Plants are also available through Amazon with doorstep delivery (search for Thomas Biotech PF under Amazon shopping).

PF is generally grown on pandals, or with Kniffin training system. We recommend its cultivation as fence crop for papaya. PF is suitable for subtropical climate but also performs satisfactorily in mild tropical weather. Single plants for terrace growing/ home use can be maintained in grow bags.

Thomas Biotech has come up with two signature products from PF: (1). ‘Passion Seedy Pulp’ which can be combined with other fresh / processed fruit juices and soda for fizzy drink/ mocktails / cocktails & and, (2), ‘Pap Passion Delight’, an excellent combo with Papaya pulp that softens the strong acidity of PF.

We envisage future tie-ups with PF growers & the marketing agencies for these unique products.