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Cytobacts pertains to a discovery by the founder director

The start-up is involved in bioscience research including basic and applied research on plant-microbe associations, endophytic microorganisms, plant-microbe-human / animal interactions, addressing microbial contamination issues in tissue cultures. ‘Cytobacts’ pertains to a discovery by the founder director, which refers to endophytic bacteria living inside the cytoplasm of live plant cells. Research on ‘Cytobacts’ across different…

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Agri-Biotech business includes tissue culture

Agri-Biotech business includes tissue culture-mediated rapid clonal multiplication of different plant species, and the acclimatization and supply of micropropagated plants to farmers or other nurseries/ tissue culture units. The primary flagship product of the company is tissue culture papaya ‘Dawn Delight’, a unisex female papaya with parthenocarpic seedless fruits.

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