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About Thomas Biotech

Broad Areas: Agri-Biotech, Bioscience Research & Professional Consultancy

Dr. Pious Thomas,
M.Sc. (Hort.), Ph.D. (Hort.), PDF (Biotech.); FNAAS, FNABS, FHSI
CEO & Director
Formerly: Principal Scientist & i/c Head Division of Biotechnology
ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research
Hessarghatta Lake, Bangalore-560089

Vision: To invigorate Indian agriculture through biotechnological intervention

Mission: Support and nurture farmers who feed the nation

The Company (TB&CCB), often known as ‘Thomas Biotech’ was registered and incorporated on 1st March 2019, under the Company’s Act (2014) as a ‘One-Person-Company’ (OPC) with Dr. Pious Thomas as the CEO & Director.

The term ‘Cytobacts’ refers to a discovery by the founder director, which pertains to endophytic bacteria living inside the cytoplasm of live plant cells


Agri-Biotech business includes tissue culture-mediated rapid clonal multiplication of different plant species, and the acclimatization and supply of micropropagated plants to farmers or other nurseries/ tissue culture units. The primary flagship product of the company is tissue culture papaya ‘Dawn Delight’, a unisex female papaya with parthenocarpic seedless fruits.

A new hermaphrodite / bisexual TC papaya line ‘THOMAS DELIGHT’ with large oblong seeded fruits is available now.

Other products include micropropagated Pomegranate ‘SUPER BHAGWA’ and micropropagated acid lime.


The start-up is involved in bioscience research including basic and applied research on plant-microbe associations, endophytic microorganisms, plant-microbe-human / animal interactions, addressing microbial contamination issues in tissue cultures. ‘Cytobacts’ pertains to a discovery by the founder director, which refers to endophytic bacteria living inside the cytoplasm of live plant cells. Research on ‘Cytobacts’ across different plant species is a major research interest of the laboratory.


Functioning of commercial tissue culture units, management of microbial contamination in plant tissue cultures, utilization of microorganisms for the benefit of mankind, management of viral diseases in papaya